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Inspired by Vitra’s miniatures series, Mitchell is providing collectors the opportunity to own real physical scale prototype models used to develop his works.

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The Collectors Dashboard contains behind the scenes content revealing more of Mitchell’s design process, insider tips and free downloadable design assets.

Why we use the blockchain

The blockchain is the perfect way to ensure authenticity when investing in physical collectables.

The value of your investment is in the physical artefact purchased, with the Non Fungible Token only being used to certify the item is a genuine Mark Mitchell piece during resale. This also means the value of your investment is retained even if the price of Etherium collapses, unlike digital-only NFT art. 

Typically art collectors must always hire appraisal experts when reselling their investments which costs around $80-$1000 per valuation. This expense can quickly cut into your profits and delay sales. Reselling your physical collectable item with accompanying NFT token means the item is always certified and will never incur the expense of involving experts.

Also, improving on traditional art collecting, if your collectable is stolen then it is fully secured by the blockchain. Currently the black market for stolen art is valued at $8 billion annually with many of the recovered works not being returned due to confusion about who officially owns the work, resulting in large legal fees to reclaim ownership. However if a thief attempts to sell your stolen collectable, when an expert or auction house appraises the piece they will find the NFT token missing and, in partnership with my team, we can quickly locate the true owner of the work through the blockchain. As governed by law, stolen goods must be immediately returned to the original owner and so your your investment will almost certainly be returned at little to no cost.

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