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Inspired by the weather event commonly referred to a ‘rays of god’, Mitchell crafted this totemic table to capture and share these ethereal moments between cloud and light.

Material : Botticino Semiclassico

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Design is more than looks.

It’s about telling a story
from Bowie to Beatles
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Hug Lamps

“This lamp means a lot to me as I have been separated from my friends and family for over two years due to travel restrictions,”

All we need is a hug: this is the thought that guided the young designer Mark Mitchell, a British Designer, in the creation of the Hug lamp. An object composed of two floofy sculptural figures which glow with joy.

“The is the fluffy lamp we all needed”

“Relish The Joy Of A Warm Embrace”

“A beautiful reflection of these times.”

• Materials: Vegan Friendly Fur, Glass, Metal, Plastic
• Dimensions : Height 35cm, Width 27cm, Depth 32cm
• All images are visualisations, final product may vary
• Specially selected tactile finish
• Sold by Articture


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Born in England in 1997, Mitchell has worked as an Industrial Designer in Cambridge, London, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Jakarta. He now runs his own design studio making products, spaces and experiences.

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Mark Mitchell can be inspired by almost anything. You just have to take a brief look at his works to discover how diverse his sources of inspiration can be. 

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Garnish Pendants

Hathor Lamp

Hug Lamps

Bridge Lamp

Cheers Lamp

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Sunbeam Side Table
Milan  |  6-12 June 2022


Suspended Sofa

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Mark Mitchell’s products are known internationally for their iconic sense of poetry, wanderlust and romance.

In 2022 our studio began working in the field of interior design. We primarily work on hotels, villas, bars, private jets, yachts and airport lounges. Our designs maximise user experience and memorability of your environment.

To hire us to work on your interior, please contact our team to arrange a meeting.

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