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︎Elle Decor Italy

Industrial, XX.01.2021

Pre-order Hug Lamps

We’re excited to offer our art installation Hug Lamps, a cure for the pain of social distancing, now for your home! 


Featured on Elle Decor, Good Homes Magazine and Vogue Living

We expect to ship in August 2021 - however due to high demand, later orders could arrive early 2022.


Industrial, 18.03.2021

Catenary Lamps

A Catenary is the elegant natural curve a hanging rope or chain forms under its own weight.

Inspired by 20th century Neofuturism and Gaudi’s prototypes, Mitchell explored the geometry for months with the result of this study being a range of decorative wall lamps entirely shaped by gravity.

Industrial, 10.03.2021

Wacom Guest Designer

Mitchell was invited by the folks over and @wacom to be their guest designer for March 2021

Checkout the results of phase 1, where Mark designs a water bottle using the Wacom Cintiq to sketch a wide variety of shapes.

Industrial, 20.02.2021


A useful appliance for people who have humidity sensitive possessions such as plants or musical instruments in their apartments. Steamstack acts as both a humidifier and condenser allowing it to emit or remove moisture to better regulate your environment.

Industrial, 18.02.2021

London Lines

An infographic necklace defined entirely by statistics about about the London Underground. Created for proud Londoners so they can wear the city.

Industrial, 15.02.2021

Flate Sofa

Made from PVC within a soft and thick bouclé fabric cover, it is the worlds first portable luxury sofa!

Crafted with people who travel and rent apartments all around the world in mind, it can be deflated and packed away in a small postage box and sent to location ahead of arrival.

Small weights, inspired by those seen on the 1784 Montgolfier Brother balloon, hang around the sides ensuring sofa stability when in use.

Industrial, 27.01.2021

Oil Rig Table

Standing strong and stable, the Oil Rig Table acts as a port of call for your items through the brisk gale of life. Helipad conveniently rotates to increase or decrease deck area. Finished in weathered effect

Lighting, 18.01.2021

Hug Lamps

2020 was tough, we couldn’t spend time with family and friends when we needed them most. Weddings cancelled, businesses closed, jobs lost, loved ones lost, families separated and curfews imposed. I hope 2021 is the year where we can safely hold each other again

The Hug Lamp is illumed by bringing the two sculptural figures together. They glow on contact.

Lighting, 14.01.2021

Duo Vitae Lamps

These totemic floor lights are made by stacking lampshades. When it’s time to switch up your interior design, you can disassemble the shades and sell them individually and earn more than you paid for the original lamps...

This is due to the price difference between buying lampshades wholesale or individually.

Industrial, 12.01.2021


Devoti is a mystical worshiper embodying the cult of smartphone ownership and our obsession with battery life.

They present a charging coil as an alter for devices to rest.

Decor, 10.01.2021


I thought it would be interesting to see something so traditional in form distorted in such a modern way.

Furniture, 06.01.2021

UFO Stool

Carefully shaped polished stainless steel legs designed to reflect the carpet in such a way this stool seems to hover!

Furniture, 05.01.2021

Sulis Cloud Chair

Sulis Cloud Sofa imagined for a Royal Crescent Residence in the historic town of Bath

Named after Sulis, deity of the ancient Roman spa located over a steamy thermal spring outlet in the UK. Support structure hidden under the blanket.

Furniture, 29.12.2020

Roof Tile Table

I had an idea a while back gazing over the rooftops. How could this ubiquitous material be brought into the home in a beautiful and functional way?

The end result of various explorations was this table. It seemed only fitting to illume it from within, so the light would carry the warm colour of the terracotta around the room.

Ceramics, 27.12.2020

Power Station Planter

I really love the idea something as damaging as a Power Station can be home to nature. In this design, the chimney stores and slowly distributes water to plants so you don’t need to worry about them drying out.

Ceramics, 23.12.2020

Harbour Bowls

When arranged, they form a table centrepiece perfect as an artistic statement in any trendy Australian apartment!

Lighting, 22.12.2020

Suspension Lamp

We’ve always been disappointed by ‘reading lamps’ as the single light source always casts such distracting shadows. Suspension Lamp solves this by using a LED strip in suspension directly over where the light is needed.

Ceramics, 20.12.2020

Kiln Vase

Kiln Vase is part of our Kiln Ceramics series, paying tribute to the decaying pottery industry near Mitchells hometown.

Lighting, 17.12.2020

Mardy Lamp

Through appreciating forms and emotions associated with our youth, we might rediscover some of that wide-eyed curiosity and wonder in the world. The term ‘Mardy’ in English is used to describe a sullen or pouting child.

Lighting, 12.12.2020

Hathor Lamps

In ancient Egypt, goddess Hathor was considered to be the personification of joy, love and sexuality. In keeping with this theme, these sculptural luminaires intend to illume a space that may yield such moments.

Lighting, 10.12.2020

Mid-C Chaise Lounge

Working on a Chaise Lounge concept inspired by Mid-Century modern aesthetics. Intended purely as a exploration as form.

Lighting, 09.12.2020

Mould Lamp

Capturing the passion and warmth of pottery production in a beautiful lamp for the home.

Lighting, 06.12.2020

Light Pollution 

I was looking at a Power Station on my way to work on a beautiful morning and thought the scene was too picturesque with the sun backlit clouds coming out of the chimney. In my daydream I saw the cloud wilt, personifying the damage these cathedrals of power do the environment. As the cloud was illuminated, it seemed logical to name the product ‘Light Pollution lamp’ to humour the audience and bring attention to the multitude of pollution problems we bestow on the world.

Lighting, 02.12.2020

Squirrel Chair

The perfect way to add a hint of stylish fun to your dining room

Lighting, 25.11.2020

Fig Lamp

Fruit of the Ficus Carica tree form in an usually way. At first they grow upwards seeming to defy gravity. As their size increases, their tone becomes a rich purple and the increased weight causes the supporting branch to flop. Inspired by the aesthetics of this process, Mitchell produced the Fig Lamp.

Lighting, 24.11.2020

Wattholm Floor Lamp

Wattholm Floor Lamp by MarkMitchellDesign

Lighting, 21.11.2020

Wattholm Table Lamp

Wattholm Table lamp is produced by 3D printing with renewablecthermoplastic filament derived of plant starch. A defining feature of this lamp is that it’s made to order in the country of purchase using 3D hub’s decentralised manufacturing facilities to reduce emissions from transportation.

Lighting, 19.11.2020

Cheers Lamp

Cheers Lamp by MarkMitchellDesign

Ceramics, 08.11.2020

Wattholm Bowls

Wattholm bowls created for KOI in London. Known for high quality ingredients and beautiful presentation, it seemed only fitting to have a custom ramen bowl produced to present food better at their establishments.

Lighting, 20.10.2020

At one point, Stoke-On-Trent was home to 4,000 Kilns. Now only 47 remain standing. Mitchell collaborated with Cergian to bring this dying story to life in a functional sculpture for the home.

Decor, 15.10.2020

ArchicHome approached Mitchell to create an artistic tissue dispenser for the home. The resulting product, shaped like a Power Station, intends to bring attention to the successes and failures of 20th century human society.


Furniture, 10.10.2020

Ohmford Meet

Inspired by the vintage gasometers seen around London, Mitchell created this meeting chair for British furniture supplier Lauri. 


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