Design is more than looks.

It’s about telling a story
from Bowie to Beatles
from Hockney to Hurst
brits are dreamers.

The Collection

Orrery Chandelier

Tyrian Plum Rug

Sunbeam Table

Suspended Sofa

Morris Sofa

All Furniture

Born in England in 1997, Mitchell has worked as an Industrial Designer in Cambridge, London, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Jakarta. He now runs his own design studio making art objects for galleries.

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Stretched Resources Platter

Stolen Court

Kiln Vase

Powerstation Planter

Sunbeam Vase

All Decor

Mark Mitchell can be inspired by almost anything. You just have to take a brief look at his works to discover how diverse his sources of inspiration can be. 

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Garnish Pendants

Hathor Lamp

Hug Lamps

Bridge Lamp

Cheers Lamp

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Our collection is mostly made to order at this time. Some pieces are available through art gallery partners or produced by notable branded partners. 

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